Funny commands in Linux

3 min readSep 26, 2021

In this blog, I gonna show you some amazing funny commands in Linux(Rhel8).

SL(Stream Locomotive)

This command is very similar to ls command😅. Sometimes instead of typing ls, `sl` is typed by us. And then you can get some time-pass kind of thing. Here is the example of this command.


This command supports some nice options like -a(accident), -l(little version)…etc.

# sl -a
# sl -c
# sl -l
# sl -F

There some more commands also, let’s see one of them that is COWSAY.


If this command is not available in Rhel8 then install it as below.

This command takes string or msg as an input & draws that msg as cow is saying that.

# cowsay "Hello"

We can also pass file content to cow!!

Also, if you want that instead of Cow you want dragon or turtle… Yes, it is possible.

Looking very interesting & funny also…! Below I mentioned some of this type of pictures.

Thank you!




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